George St-Pierre Says Kamaru Usman Is The Best Fighter Right Now, Talks About Welterweight GOAT Status

GSP talks WW GOAT status

Gsp Kamaru Usman
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With Kamaru Usman‘s incredible run and dominance as the UFC welterweight champion, some believe he has already passed UFC Hall Of Famer George St-Pierre as the welterweight GOAT, including the UFC president.

Having dominated the UFC welterweight division, Usman has entered the discussion as a divisional GOAT, having defeated Colby Covington, Gilbert Burns, and Jorge Masvidal.

The argument really comes down to how much someone values title defenses, as GSP defended the welterweight title nine times while Usman has defended his title five times. However, Usman does have the second most consecutive wins in UFC history with 15 and is only one win away from passing Anderson Silva.

GSP’s thoughts

In a recent interview with SportBible, GSP spoke about Usman and his dominance. He was also asked if Usman is currently the welterweight GOAT.

“It’s possible. I mean, he is incredible. He’s the best right now and sport always evolves. The fighters of today are better than the ones of yesterday – generally speaking. The one in the future will be better than the one of today. So, like Einstein said, ‘If I’ve seen further than my predecessor is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.’

“They are starting with a head start. They have stuff that we didn’t have back in the day, and the future generation would have tools that we don’t have today. So, it’s normal. That’s how it is. It’s not necessarily that the guys get better as they have access to better knowledge, better technology.”

While GSP didn’t give a yes or no answer about whether he thinks Usman is the goat or not, it’s pretty clear he believes Usman is on another level.

Dana thinks Usman is the WW goat.

UFC president Dana White believes Usman has already passed GSP. After Usman defeated Colby Covington at UFC 268, he told the media that Usman is on his way to UFC GOAT status.

“Usman, this guy, he’s the best ever. He’s the best welterweight of all-time and he is on his possible way to GOAT status. Colby Covington is one tough dude, he is so tough,” White said.

The GOAT convo is always tricky because there is no correct answer, and everyone judges it differently. Leon Edwards is the next opponent for Usman. Despite that, he’s still looking to cross over with Canelo.

What do you think?

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