GSP found his riddum being a Garbageman

You guys ever heard of the myth of the riddum? The legend goes that GSP’s riddum was an alien creature that landed somewhere in the land of Canada. GSP found the riddum laying helpless in the bottom of a bin when he worked as a garbageman in college. GSP nursed the riddum back to life, he took care of the riddum and kept the riddum fed on a healthy diet of poutine, Canada Dry and other stereotypical food products Americans associate with Canada. The riddum begin to produce ooze that GSP would milk and create ‘riddum shakes’. He drank the riddum, perhaps even overdosed on the riddum and the end result was being named the best pound for pound fighter in MMA. In this interview with Ariel Helwani, Georges St. Pierre talks about his early days prior to discovering the riddum. Props to The Mighty Boosh. [Source]


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