GSP defends his belt from foreign invaders

Gatorade must be loving this right now. GSP dominates Thiago Alves in a 5 round decision that mainly consisted of George St. Pierre on top of Alves. If you didnt watch the fight, just go to your nearest cafeteria and ask for pasta with meat sauce. Now imagine the meatsauce is GSP and Thiago Alves is the pasta. Ask the cafeteria lady for extra meat sauce and that’s pretty much the entire fight. Crazy amount of meatsauce on top of a little bit of pasta. 

You got to give it to Thiago, dude was defintely aiming for the knockout with each hook he launched at GSP french-canadian’s dome piece. Unfortunately none of them connected exactly the way Alves planned and with each effort, GSP’s riddum got the best of Alves with single and double leg takedowns. It looked like things were pretty cordial afterwards after Thiago raised up GSP’s hand at the end of the fight. After tonight, it makes you wonder what welterweight out there has a better ‘riddum’ than George St. Pierre.

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