Gray Maynard thinks Anthony Pettis fights ‘scrubs’

Watching the cage walking kick Anthony Pettis landed on Ben Henderson to close out the WEC was sort of like being a baseball fan and watching your team score a game winning walk off grand slam home run during the World Series. We all watched it on replay for the next two weeks and went to bed dreaming of covering our living room walls with chain link fence and kicking the air. 97.7% of us MMA freaks had our minds blown by the Showtime gravity defying kick, but Gray Maynard is not really into Anthony Pettis or his one little kick. In a recent interview with Gray let’s it be known just how unimpressed he really is with Anthony Pettis and the fighters Pettis has fought so far:

“I mean, who has he fought? I’ve been in the trenches this whole time fighting the toughest guys. He throws one kick and then he’s the greatest in the world? Let’s look at who he’s fought. Ben Henderson is the best name. And I don’t mind fighting him; I don’t care if I win the belt and then I have to take him on. But for me, guys like Miller, Melendez and all of these guys who have been on the f***ing grind, fighting the best competition for the past few years… that’s what I look at. Who have you fought? I don’t care about how good you looked when you fought a scrub. That doesn’t matter. If a guy isn’t good then you’re not supposed to look good. And for me, [Pettis] has fought one good guy in Ben, and he isn’t proven yet. He’s tough as hell, but we’ll see.”

I don’t think Gray Maynard was as big of the WEC fan as we were.  Pettis’ unorthodox mix of BBoy style moves and martial arts don’t impress him and he sure doesn’t seem fond of the other WEC guys that he refers to as ‘scrubs’. Seems like he might even be looking at Pettis as a ‘one kick wonder’ right now. Damn. [source]

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