Good Guy Cathal Pendred to donate some of his bonus cash to a children’s hospital

Remember UFC: Dublin? Cathal Pendred was getting beat up by Mike King for the better part of five minutes until he overcame King’s enhanced performance to beat back the odds, take out King and win a Fight of the Night bonus. Then, King popped for PEDs and Cathal got his opponent’s fifty grand bonus on top of the bonus he already received. A cool 100K for those of you who needed me to spell it out. The math. Spell out the math? M-A-T-H?

Well, what does a man who single-handedly saved a dolphin do with an extra fifty thousand dollars? Donate the cash to a children’s hospital.  

Thank you for this, Cathal. This is something we needed this week. You’re the MMA fighter we need and deserve.

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