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Glover Teixeira just turned into that really scary guy in the UFC light heavyweight division

Glover Teixeira just turned into that really scary guy in the UFC light heavyweight division

I just emptied my pockets to buy a first-class ticket to get on board the Glover Teixeira hype train. I left my passport at home so hopefully wherever this hype train ends up, it will be within the United States of America. The Glover Teixeira hype train consists of iron reinforced countertops and slippery floors so that when you fall, it will be a guaranteed knockout. The Glover Teixeira hype train is the most frustrating thing to get off of because even if you try, the doors will close and you will get hit on every inch of your body with steel wrecking balls disguised as human hands. Screw that, I’m never getting on the Glover Teixeira hype train…maybe the bandwagon is good enough.

Tonight at UFC Fight Night 28, Glover Teixeira did what took Lyoto Machida an additional round to pull off. Even Lyoto Machida recently said that Jon Jones will not be able to stop Glover Teixeira. It’s not that a fighter can’t tag him, but it’s just that the concept of physical damage isn’t comprehended by Glover Teixeira’s chin. It’s just accepted and then immediately disregarded. I’ve long held that the person that will be able to defeat Jones is a person that can take an enormous amount of damage, and Teixeira is absolutely that guy.

Now Teixeira is the #2 ranked UFC light heavyweight contender, only behind Alexader Gustafsson — and some of you still refuse to hop on this impenetrable Glover Teixeira hype train. Well, you can lead an MMA fan to a contender but you can’t make him drink it. Egh, guess that saying only works with horses. Too bad Overeem ate them all.

Oh, and a win for Teixeira is ultimately a win for the University of Arizona. Bear down.

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