Gilbert Melendez digs our top ten list and says he’s the #1 lightweight in MMA

If you own EA Sports MMA and haven’t matched up Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez in the game, then I can never believe another word you have to say. Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez is the new Fedor vs. Brock. I never had a chance to thank Gilbert Meldendez for making Japan an American colony. Quite frankly, we all owe a ‘thank you’ letter to El Nino for making the impossible, possible. With a unanimous decision over Shinya Aoki at Strikeforce Nashville last year, Gilbert made Aoki’s worst fear a sudden realization that consequently gives us all a time share off the coast of Osaka. Unfortunately, that was the last time Gilbert competed in 2010. Now that Gilbert is fully healed, he’s ready to take on anyone who claims they’re better than him, including the dude that you see at 24 Hour Fitness that ‘trains UFC’. We caught up with Gil to see what’s next on his lightweight menu, and he essentially challenges every 155lber in MMA because he sincerely believes that he’s better than all of them. It’s also good to see that Gilbert Melendez is a fan of our list of The Top Ten Street MMA Videos in Street MMA History.

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