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A Fascinating Video Investigation: Does Ryan Hall celebrate the exact same way every time?

A Fascinating Video Investigation: Does Ryan Hall celebrate the exact same way every time?

The Wizard of Falls Church is filmed before a live studio audience. The life and times of Ryan Hall remains a fascinating series to watch.

What happens when the highest level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu crosses over to MMA? Stay tuned. Previously on The Ryan Hall Show, our star was beating the ghost of BJ Penn.


A spry 27 years old when he went into MMA full time, Hall is now 4-0 in the UFC. At times, Hall has made it look easy in the cage.

On Saturday night in Sacramento, Hall defeated Darren Elkins by decision. Just for fun, Hall threw multiple wild kicks at Elkins, and some even connected.

Maybe the most difficult aspect of the sport for Hall? Figuring out how to celebrate when he wins. What do you do with your hands? Why is everybody looking at me? Is this face okay?

Praise be Ryan Hall for whatever the hell this post-fight celebration is.

via Gfycat

Every time. This is the best.

It is canon. The Hall end zone dance/home run trot is now part of human cage fighting lore.

Remember the outrage everyone had for Jorge Masvidal’s post fight dancing on the grave of Ben Askren? This is the polar opposite. Ryan is the Reverse Flash to Jorge; without any of the trying to destroy our universal timeline tendencies.

Will the first person to defeat Hall in the UFC mock his bombastic post-fight antics? How do you mock the un-mockable?

The more top level wrestlers, jiu-jitsu players, and kickboxers that try their hand at MMA, the better it is. Hall has made a fine addition to The NeverEnding Story that is MMA.

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