GIF: It looks like Cody Garbrandt was KO’d with the same punch in his last three fights

The night Cody Garbrandt embarrassed and basically C-walked in the center of the cage on Dominick Cruz feels like three lifetimes ago. Seriously, what happened to Cody Garbrandt?

On December 31, 2016, Cody was UFC bantamweight champion and held 11-0 MMA record. Since then? Cody has made more headlines outside of the cage than inside of it. At least in the world of MiddleEasy.

Because ‘Hanging with the Boys‘ will never not be funny. Seriously, Cody lost his mind after like two shots in the TUF house.

Also, in the TUF gym Cody throat choked TJ Dillashaw and it kind of made us want to watch TUF again. Then it was forgotten.

Then Cody went through this lowkey, super racist phase in his life, and nobody knew what to say about it. They tried though.

All of this came before and after perhaps the greatest online beef our great sport has ever seen; Cody Garbrandt versus Internet Bodybuilding guy. Plane tickets were bought, somebody actually ran up on Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, and somehow DMs of Cody’s wife were uncovered.

Um yeah.

Wild times and we’re 99% sure somebody faked their own death at the end of this story.

MMA y’all.

TLDR, Cody had a rough time for going on three years and now three fights. It’s one thing for T.J. Dillashaw to send you off to the land of wind and ghosts, not once but twice, but now Pedro Munhoz is knocking out No Love.

Pedro “4 knockouts in 22 career fights” Munhoz is standing in the pocket and blasting away at Garbrandt’s brain cells.

Thanks to the power of GIF magic, it looks like Cody’s three career MMA losses have all come from the same counter punch. Three punches, three straight losses, all from the basically same punch.

Maybe Shallo…….eh, never-mind.

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