Get up and get ready to get hyped because Huerta versus War Machine is going down!


Ladies I made the header of this article just for you. Don’t even lie and try to tell me you didn’t picture yourself positioned right about where those silly words are strategically hovering above Roger Huerta’s nether regions. As a matter of fact, you probably wouldn’t have even known there were words in the picture above had I not pointed them out. It’s OK. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to a picture of Roger Huerta laying on the floor in short shorts. The only thing that would make this particular picture any hotter would be to see a giant red monster and the MiddleEasy logo emblazoned upon Huerta’s pretty green t-shirt.

The same feelings apply to this new fight announcement. According to recent tweets from both the Phuket Top Team and Roger Huerta twitter accounts, Roger Huerta versus War Machine is set for November 26th in Pharr Texas. The only thing that would make this fight more hot lava inducing would be to host it atop a massive volcano-esque pile of green MiddleEasy t-shirts. The last time we saw Huerta fight was back in December at Bellator and War Machine hasn’t fought since July of 2010. Get excited, it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten to see either of these guys get in the cage and bang it out.

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