Georges St-Pierre’s next opponent, UFC 217 PPV buys and more in the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Sunday Morning Rumor Mill 217

Wow. UFC 217 may have been the pound for pound greatest MMA card ever and the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill lives to tell about it.

Ever since Conor McGregor challenged Floyd Mayweather, Jon Jones went full Jon Jones, Dana White turned into a zombie, MMA has in a vortex it could not escape.

Thanks to the power of UFC 217, MMA may be whole again.

As always these are rumors that have been talked about behind closed doors between MMA higher ups, so take them as MMA rumors.

Remember that feeling when you first became a MMA fan and you wanted to learn everything you could about the sport? Bottle that feeling and embrace your Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

  • Huge if true (mind boggling) but it look like the UFC already has a short list Georges St. Pierre opponents put together. Surprising or maybe not so surprising Conor McGregor may be on top of the list. Other names for GSP’s second comeback fight include Tyron Woodley and two long-shot entrants; Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz.
  • Despite a slow start attendance wise it looks like UFC 217 will go down as the biggest box office success of the year for the promotion. In terms of pay per view sales, the possibility of UFC 217 hitting on million buys is back on the table
  • Rumor is the UFC’s next TV deal, weather it’s with Fox or another network, will set the bar for the WWE will aim for with their next TV contract. UFC will also lean more heavily on what Fight Pass can offer as a streaming service when negotiating with other TV networks.
  • The success of Bellator’s recent campus events has the promotion rumored to be in talks to do other college wrestling shows. The Friday events on college campuses could continue with events coming to Arizona State, Oklahoma State and more in 2018

If you have heard of any interesting Sunday Morning Rumor Mill MMA rumors that you would like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, tweet us or mail them to us in an unmarked envelope. Just remember they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take them as such.

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