Georges St-Pierre Is In The Best Shape Of His Life While Retired (PHOTO)

A recent update from Georges St-Pierre shows that he is still taking training and diet seriously, even in retirement

Georges St Pierre Gsp
Photo via Instagram @georgesstpierre

As each day passes, the likelihood of Georges St-Pierre competing again seems to be dwindling away. However he showed with a recent update that he is still in phenomenal condition, even years into his retirement.

When GSP called it quits on his career, it came after he failed to come to terms with the UFC on a bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov. There seemed to be hope for this matchup around the time of Khabib’s own retirement, but it ultimately led nowhere.

That being said, just because the former welterweight champion is not competing in the Octagon, does not mean he is completely done with combat sports. It was recently revealed that the UFC blocked him from taking a boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya, due to him still being under contract with the the promotion.

Georges St-Pierre Is Absolutely Shredded

If Georges St-Pierre had been allowed to take this fight with Oscar De La Hoya, it does not seem like he would have needed much time to prepare. In fact, he actually might just be in better shape now, than when he was putting together the type of resume to cause many to consider him the GOAT.

The former two division champ recently shared a photo to his Instagram, showing an update on his physique, after making a change to his diet. The photo he posted had MMA fans in shock and awe, as the Canadian boasted a frame that was unbelievably shredded,

“After cutting out processed food for few weeks, here’s my final result. War face # 2 💪🏻” GSP wrote.

Georges St-Pierre is known for being a crazy athlete, but even at those standards, this is an insane update. Add that to the fact that he has been retired from fighting, and it makes you really appreciate the work ethic and diet that he has.

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