Georges St. Pierre moving to 185 lb to fight Anderson Silva is still not 100%

In the infinite possibilities that can exist in this world, one of these is Georges St. Pierre being stalked by a UFOs and aliens are secretly controlling his actions. It’s not my idea, nor could I even invent something so esoteric. It belongs to a guy named Jon Kelly and he so vehemently believes it to be true that he created a twenty-minute documentary where he breaks down phrases from GSP, plays them back, and finds hidden messages of his ‘alien abduction’. Among these message is the absurd, ‘I’m mad, molest the ass’ which is apparently GSP’s way of saying that he was violated by extraterrestrials. Too bad these alien intruders still can’t convince Georges St. Pierre that he should absolutely move to the middleweight division. Here’s what GSP said in an interview with

“People are saying crazy stuff, like “Oh, you just have to gain 30 pounds and take the fight and fight him in three months.” I can’t (gain) 30 pounds in three months. It would take a lot more than that. If I want to go up in weight class.”

“Plus, (Anderson) Silva fights at light heavyweight as well. So he walks around at … he’s probably 40 pounds heavier than I am (off season). So if I fight this fight, it might be at a catch weight. If it happens.

“It’s something I’m not thinking about right now because it’s not my number one priority. I’ve had a lot of success at 170. If I move to 185, I need to talk to my sponsors, my trainers. It’s a complete change of life. Do I want to take the risk, maybe yes. Maybe It’s going to be a great challenge. Maybe, no. But I have to talk with my trainers. … I have to fight Jake Shields, I think Anderson Silva has to fight Yushin Okami.”

It’s pretty silly how everyone has counted out Jake Shields considering that he hasn’t been defeated in six years and is riding a fifteen-win streak. The last time Jake Shields loss, Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all ten counts of child molestation. That’s a long time. [Source]

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