Georges St-Pierre Fires Back At Nick Diaz Over Poisoning Accusations

There is a big question whether Nick Diaz made up a story of what really happened before his fight with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 in 2013. Looks like the French-Canadian superstar has prepared a spectacular answer which… well, shocked at least some part of UFC fans.

Nick Diaz was creating much controversy saying that GSP didn’t make weight but he was allowed to fight. He was also complaining about GSP’s hand wraps. And, as well as you have probably heard, Nick Diaz claimed that George St-Pierre tried to poison him before the fight!!! (via

“I think whoever tries to make that fight, I’m gonna have to give him a backhand slap,” the elder Diaz said. “I fought the dude (St-Pierre), they poisoned my IV with some weird ass drug.”

“I have 37 fights, been fighting for 17 years, I never slept more than five or six hours a night. (For that fight), I slept 14 hours, I’m like ‘what did you put in my IV, dude? I never had nothing but clear IV. And there was something wrong with his wraps.”

“I was flat on the way out (and) I’m in the best shape of my life. Everything was strange.”

We got used to these kinds of stories when it comes to Nick Diaz. GSP wasn’t paying much attention to his provocations and accusations but today he has decided to respond with a funny story. As a guest in Joe Rogan Experience, Georges St-Pierre has described in details what actually happened before and after the fight. We didn’t know that St-Pierre knows to troll like a pro… until now!

“I gotta confess. I was so scared, so, we tried to poison…I was so scared of fighting Nick Diaz, we poisoned his IV. But he survived! So I was even more terrified! So, all the athletic commission was on my payroll, they tricked the weigh-in and I made it. And it went through. So I was even more terrified.”

“So…the aliens abducted me, and they put the gamma rays (in me) to increase my strength like The Hulk. Like a performance enhancing drug. And the fight was still happening! So right before, I put some glass and cement in my gloves, just to make sure. And still I had a crazy hard fight.”

Georges St-Pierre defeated Nick Diaz via unanimous decision at that fight. There were rumors he will go down to 155 to face Nate Diaz, but chances of that fight to happen are very small… I mean, St-Pierre barely keeps his weight around 180, 185 lbs.

Here is the entire episode.

What do you think, what is the real truth behind that poisoning? Is this again an issue that marijuana created in the brain of Nick Diaz? Who knows, maybe Nick and Dada 5000 are having similar virtual poisoning ideas!

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