Gegard Mousasi and Ernesto Hoost’s coaches are helping Fedor hone his striking

Getting Gegard Mousasi and Ernesto Hoost’s striking coaches to help Fedor work on his striking is like duct-taping a machine gun to a flamethrower and a bazooka: overkill. Sometime late last year, in a snow blanketed cottage in Russia, men in track suits speak in hushed tones over vodka and perogies. The usually emotionless Fedor quietly confides that he wanted to be the first man to punch someone’s head clean off their shoulders since Jason Takes Manhattan back in 1989. That is the only scenario I can envision leading up to this training partnership and I hope for Bigfoot Silva’s sake, Fedor is not able to perform the decapitation. got the scoop from Vadim Finklestein himself and we plugged it into Google translate for your reading pleasure, пользоваться!

“A couple of days in Russia arrives Gegard Mousasi, well-known coaches from the camp of the legendary Ernesto Hoost. They will meet with Fedor and join his training process”

“This is primarily intended to help diversify the preparatory process for Fedor. For a long time he worked with the same coaches and sparring partners, and leverage new skills will open up new prospects for training and allow take the best from the representatives of other styles and make new and useful items in his personal technique “

“Also on the team with which to prepare Fedor will be a fighter weighing 122 kg, ie with the same weight as that of Antonio Silva”

If we find out Bob Sapp and Semmy Schilt are working with Bigfoot Silva, my head will personally explode, personally. [Source]

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