Video: Geane Herrera Throws a Liu Kang Flying Sidekick the Sound Effect Was Immediately Added

When you’re in the UFC, when you’re on the big stage, you just have to make an impact. …Especially if you think that Shao Khan is judging you from the Outworld. Geane Herrera came out of the opening bell of his fight with Ben Nguyen like he was in the cage with Shang Tsung and someone was trying to steal his frickin’ soul.

It wasn’t just the opening flying sidekick that was awesome, but the whole fight was pretty exciting. Unfortuantely, Herrera lost by decision, but man, that sidekick! As soon as it happened everyone started trying to top everyone’s Mortal Kombat references. Luckily, the fast hands of Jessica Hudnall blessed us with all the sound effects that we were trying to create in our head.

Check out the proper Mortal Kombat remix below with Liu Kang sounds. …The way it damn should be seen.

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