Gary Shaw’s son explains why Kimbo Slice will rule boxing and thinks ProElite is a joke.

2011 will be remembered as the year of the ‘war beard’. Numerous contenders can debate who’s beard stands above the crowd, but often overlooked is Kimbo Slice; who’s maintained his majestic man-mane for at least a decade. I can safely say I’ve watched every single Kimbo Slice fight at least a dozen times. Regardless of his short-lived stint in MMA, our fascination for watching him knock dudes out on YouTube far surpasses the web-hits any other fighter has gotten. After being cut from the UFC, Kimbo learned what the rest of the world already knew, his two fists, “if done right, no can defend”. Another humanoid’s mandible felt these fists this past weekend under Gary Shaw’s boxing promotion, and Jared Shaw (son of Gary Shaw) had this to say about 1.) Kimbo Slice, and why he’ll be an effective professional boxer. 2.)The return of Pro-Elite. And 3.) That Dana made a mistake, and that makes the Shaws more intelligent than him. [Source]

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