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From the director of ‘The Reem’ comes Tyrone Spong in ‘The King of The Ring’

From the director of ‘The Reem’ comes Tyrone Spong in ‘The King of The Ring’

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The Reem set the bar incredibly high for a web documentary series based on a fighter, and quite honestly, did some serious spanking on anything that the UFC produces to hype up fights. I think we should reflect on that for a while, and I’m sure some of us will come to the conclusion that the sheer awesomeness that is Alistair Overeem led to that series being as incredible as it was. Well, Eldar Gross and his team are back and they are following around Tyrone Spong. Follow Tyrone around while he prepares for K-1 legend Peter Aert’s kind of maybe sort of retirement in Benelux fight before Aerts signed with Glory and will keep fighting and probably fight in that region again. Yeah.

Watch the stylized action, the catchy music and Tyrone hitting things and be like me and keep thinking to yourself how cool it would be the hear a Neil Young song inserted into one of these things to help validate yourself and not feel so damned old because of your taste in music.

Watch The Documentary!

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