Fresh from the butcher shop-Twitter Beef! Featuring Frank Shamrock, Dana White and a special guest appearance by Mike Swick

Twitter beef…we don’t want to love it-but the drama whores that reside deep down inside all of us, secretly can’t resist it.  Sort of like real beef, that thick juicy t-bone steak with the tasty fat ribboning through the meaty slab might not be so healthy for our arteries but it sure does make our tastebuds happy hot off the grill. This week’s Twitter special features some fresh ground chuck between Frank Shamrock and Dana White. Late last night, a tweeter asks Frank who would bring him out of retirement and Frank says Dana White. Dana fires back and instead of offering to do the dirty work himself-Dana decides to nominate Mike Swick for the job. Check it out:


Oh, the drama. For some reason, I picture Mike Swick looking like this right about now:

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