Frankie Edgar Understands Why Conor McGregor is Good for Business

I’ve never been a huge Frankie Edgar fan, which many see as a detriment to me as a fan, I see it as proof of a systematic burnout and Frankie Edgar the living embodiment of that burnout. It is what it is.

Frankie Edgar has made it clear that he’s deserving of another crack at the UFC Featherweight Championship, though, but the only problem is that Frankie Edgar tends to hold divisions hostage. Look no further than the Lightweight division where Frankie Edgar was embroiled in what felt like endless rematches. That meant that he was having competitive fights with the best in the world, no doubt, but it also created a scenario where there was always doubt or reason to have another fight while hungry fighters chomped at the bit for their turn, which may never come.

His Featherweight debut was for the UFC Featherweight Championship and while Aldo clearly won, there were still many who wanted to see another fight between the two. He’s pieced together another three victories and should be in line for a shot at the title, but when pressed about it, he admits that there is money in Conor McGregor vs. himself and that it might be best to wait.

Crazy, right? Not really.

Edgar insists that McGregor has done everything right and that the UFC should push him to a title shot because of that. He understands if McGregor wins that UFC Featherweight Championship that he can do bigger business in a fight or two (or three, it’s Frankie, c’mon) between the two men. It’s great to see someone actually using their damned head.

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