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Frank Shamrock thinks Nick Diaz will beat up GSP and kick Carlos Condit’s ass

Frank Shamrock thinks Nick Diaz will beat up GSP and kick Carlos Condit’s ass

MMA is a lot like Highlander but with more blunt trauma and tap outs. We speak often about one fighter taking another fighter’s soul, or the very real and scientific method of MMA Math, but none of that can compare to just talking to a guy who has seen it all. Like Frank Shamrock for example.

After countless hours of playing EA MMA and hearing Frank talk about his fight with Nick Diaz, we decided we had to get him on the horn and ask him what his thought’s were on the latest welterweight shakeup between GSP, Carlos Condit and Mr 209. Luckily The Legend had some free time away from cornering Brian Ebersole and The Hairrow™ up in Toronto to answer our call.

So what do you think of GSP getting shelved for the year? Who do you have Diaz or Condit? Hoo, man. I think Nick’s gonna beat him and I think Nick’s gonna take the entire three way tournament there…


Do you think that because you personally fought Diaz? Hmm, I don’t know. Yeah…yeah I think I do. I know through fighting him that he’s gonna go and kick those guy’s asses. Yeah. He’s an unstoppable fighting machine with extreme cardio. I think he beats them up.
I wonder what Frank thinks about the future of that kid who single legged Phil Baroni.
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