Frank Shamrock still refuses to believe MMA is a sport

If any of you crack open Loretta Hunt’s ‘Let’s Get it On,’ you’ll find some intriguing stories regarding Frank Shamrock, all of which I can’t remember due to the sugar high I received after ingesting a barrel of Apple Jacks. That’s a long sentence, but it’s grammatically correct. Even in my sugar-infused state, I can still manage to string together complete sentences. The only fragmentation that is occurring is my attention span. I’m torn between writing this article and a shiny object dangling out of my window. It’s a tough morning in Hollywood, California.

While you may believe mixed martial arts is a budding sport filled with epic cuts, monumental fight announcements and extraordinary KOs — Frank Shamrock doesn’t necessarily share the same opinion. Shamrock is still under the belief that MMA is not yet a sport, but more of a spectacle.

“But it’s not just like those sports,” said Shamrock. “I love MMA. I credit it with saving my life. I think it can and will change the world for the better. But is it a sport? I don’t think so.

“As dear as it is to me,” Shamrock continued, “MMA is still this thing in between sport and spectacle. No, MMA isn’t a sport. Not yet.”

I think what Shamrock is implying is that MMA is a hybrid form of entertainment. Basically, he’s stating that it’s the Toyota Prius of the sports world. MMA has great gas mileage. [Source]

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