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Frank Mir thinks Brock would beat Fedor

Frank Mir thinks Brock would beat Fedor

It’s pretty sad that everyone remembers Frank Mir from getting hammerfisted to death by Lesnar at UFC 100 but everyone forgets that Frank is the only guy that has handed Brock Lesnar a lost. That may change when Carwin/Lesnar goes down at UFC 106 in November (feel free to punch your wall out of sheer excitement. I know I just did). In an interview with Xtreme Radio, Frank Mir had some things to get off his chest regarding Fedor going to Strikeforce over UFC and the hypothetical match-up that everyone and their kid sister has proposed, Fedor vs. Brock:

“I think it’s an excuse to dodge top level competition. As long as he never proves he it, he can always keep the number one ranking. But if he goes into the cage and loses, he loses that.”

“In a cage no. In a boxing ring, possibly…In a boxing ring, when you’re taken down, you can scoot from under the ropes, you can survive. In a cage, you better be able to get back up, or you’re gonna get crushed. He would get crushed against Brock.”

It’s true that every one of Fedor’s fights have been inside the confines of a ring but come on, the dude is Fedor. He could win a match fighting inside of a mayonaise jar…a large mayonnaise jar. The universe was created by a single overhand right from Fedor (why else would they call it the big bang?). [Source]

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