Francis Ngannou Harkens Back on POWERFUL Origin Story Involving 2 Month Jail Period

Francis Ngannou Tells Incredible Story of Spending 2 Months in Jail While Entering Europe

image via @FrancisNgannou on Instagram
image via @FrancisNgannou on Instagram

For MMA enthusiasts, a rule of thumb is to not depend on the UFC to tell the story of a favorite fighter. More than likely, that simply won’t happen. When it comes to promotion, look to social media. Platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram are a gold mine for fighters to share their humble beginnings. For UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou, he is marketed as the organization’s scariest competitor. As well as the heaviest hands in mixed martial arts. However, Ngannou shared more of his origin story including a 2 month period in which he spent in jail. 

Francis Ngannou Shares His Origin Story via Instagram 

Francis shared the story from his Instagram account. Along with the story, Ngannou shared a photo of him from a time where his family illegally entered European land via the sea. Furthermore, he shared spending 2 months in jail during the journey. 

“2013: 7 years ago we were freed by the Spanish homeland security after spending 2 months in jail for illegally entering on European soil by sea. This, after attempting for one year from Morocco. I had nothing by then but a dream and a faith of pursuing it,” wrote Ngannou.

“Some people will always tell you that it’s too late, that you can’t make it, that it’s not meant for you, tell you that you’re not worth it, or that you can’t succeed without them (while their lives aren’t an example of success lol).
Those voices are always around the corner to make you quit your dream and maybe your destiny. It’s up to you and only you if you let them get to your mind, but you can also reject or ignore the negativities around you and make it in your own way.”

Marketing Fighters 

Ngannou’s story is powerful. Similar to the very power held within his fists. Perhaps the UFC should begin to showcase fighter’s personalties to the masses. Regardless, Francis Ngannou has one of the most interesting stories in the history of the sport. 


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