Francis Ngannou Doesn’t Think Jon Jones Is As Tough As Stipe Miocic

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou explains how he feels towards a matchup with Jon Jones.

Francis Vs Jones
Francis Vs Jones

Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones. ‘The biggest fight in UFC history’ is what some are saying about a potential battle between the two. 

Will It Happen?

After Ngannou knocked out Heavyweight GOAT, Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, it is clear to see why the stakes are so high. Jon Jones would welcome the fight, asking for more money from the UFC, however he is drifting afar from UFC boss Dana White, among recent criticisms.

After voicing his concerns on social media, there still may be hope to see the super fight between the former Light Heavyweight Champion and the new Heavyweight Champion.

What is Francis Ngannou’ say on all of this and a potential fight with arguably the greatest fighter of all time?

“Jon Jones has a lot of tools such as Stipe.” Ngannou said on MMA on SiriusXM. “We know Jon Jones is tough too, but I don’t think he is as tough as Stipe. That is something that is very important.

Breaking Down Stipe Miocic

“Going down the first time (vs. Stipe Miocic) I just went there to take his head off. This time, I knew that he’s tough so it really takes me to break him down in order to do that. Finishing Stipe is not one that you can easily take him down in punch straight out, you know? That was something very important.

‘Bones’ To Pick

“But as Jon Jones, I think this is going to be distinctive. When you push the fight, they have basically two different approaches. Jon Jones has way more different kicks way more different than Stipe. Stipe is very savvy, very good striking, very good takedown defense.

“I think he’s going to be same thing” Ngannou compared Jones to his win over Miocic. “But listen, this is the thing, you don’t go through the fight like this thinking about what you have to done or going to be better. You take every open-end, like this one that needs to the hardest one. You have a face on you trying to do your best and work hard at possible. I try harder and harder. This is how you do something.”

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