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(Video) Francis Ngannou Featured In New Teaser For ‘Jackass Forever’ And It’s Absolutely ‘Nuts’

A new 'Jackass Forever' promo shows Ngannou about to hit a guy in the crotch.

(Video) Francis Ngannou Featured In New Teaser For ‘Jackass Forever’ And It’s Absolutely ‘Nuts’

Francis Ngannou is landing a big hit in Hollywood. 

Ngannou’s New Role

Last summer, it was reported that the UFC Heavyweight Champion would be in a cameo in the new movie, ‘Jackass Forever’. Ngannou wouldn’t need to memorize lines or do insane fight choreography like he did in the 9th volume of ‘The Fast & The Furious’ franchise. Instead, the heavy hitter would only have one job to do: heavy hitting. 

Details around Ngannou’s appearance would reveal that he had to hit one poor soul in the nuts. 

Months after the news came out, we finally get a first look of how it’s all going down. A new teaser trailer for Jackass Forever just dropped on Monday and it truly packs a punch. It would showcase Ngannou’s scene where he’s about to punch a guy in the ‘crown jewels’.

The Teaser

Unfortunately for the fans, the teaser would stop right as Ngannou goes in for a punch. You will be able to watch Ngannou absolutely destroy somebody’s nuts on February 4th, when Jackass Forever hits theaters. 

Nut shots aren’t allowed in MMA, but there are no rules in Hollywood. It was no holds barred for the UFC Heavyweight Champion, on set. 

Read HERE to get Ngannou’s reaction to his unique movie role. 

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