Francis Ngannou Wants To Fight Tyson Fury In Boxing Debut

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou wishes to box Tyson Fury in a potential crossover.

Francis Ngannou Boxing
Francis Ngannou Boxing

Francis Ngannouc holds the title of “baddest man on the planet” after knocking out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, finally winning UFC gold and adding another strap for Africa. However, Cameroon’s finest is not done just yet. 

Ngannou will likely make his first UFC title defense against top contender Derrick Lewis or former Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones. After that, everything is in the air on what Ngannou’s next move will be, should he remain the Heavyweight champion. 

More Gold To Mine

“The Predator” is on the hunt for another world title. And no, its not another Heavyweight title in another MMA promotion. His dreams on the dartboard falls on a boxing world title.

The MMA kingpin would talk to TMZ about his love for ‘the sweet science’ and what prompts a future move to the sport. 

“Every time that they compare me to Mike Tyson,” Ngannou said.  “for me is just to hear it, that I can attach my name to somebody like Mike Tyson. I know growing up, I’ve been hearing about Mike Tyson. And even though I didn’t have a chance to see him fight because I was in this small village that we didn’t have a TV and stuff. So it was very hard for us to have access of those stuff. But, as soon as I had a chance, I just go on YouTube and then keep watching Mike Tyson. 

“I was so impressed by him and [I] was just dreaming to become like him because for me, in my opinion, he’s one of the creators when it comes to boxing. Mike Tyson is the only one that you can put his video, even though he was a professional, you can put his video and show kids. If I use it, how to box like, okay, this is how to box, this is how [to] move. This is how to do this because he was doing every thing perfectly.”

From The Octagon To The Ring?

Ngannou looks to trade his 4-ounce UFC gloves 10-ounce boxing gloves in a potential crossover between combat sports in the future.  Fantasy matchups like Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr. would seem like high-grossing pay-per-views should they face a boxing newcomer like Ngannou.

When the Heavyweight champ was asked about partaking in money fights, Ngannou said absolutely, just not with his hero, Mike Tyson, who returns to face Evander Holyfield in May. 

Another Tyson

Ngannou has his eyes on another Tyson, one of the most notable names in all of combat sports. Tyson Fury.

“I don’t want to fight my idol, but I would like to fight another heavyweight, such as Tyson fury. I’m open to that. Remember boxing was my primary dream and I always, I still have the fire of that dream inside of me. I believe that at some point I got to make a step.” 

How would Francis Ngannou fare in the boxing ring?

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