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FOX Sports thought Dan Henderson was Lyoto Machida

FOX Sports thought Dan Henderson was Lyoto Machida

Now I want you to seriously place yourself as the director of on-air graphics for FOX Sports. Would there ever be a scenario in which you would make the mistake of placing an image of Lyoto Machida instead of Dan Henderson? Seriously, think this one out. Would an MMA fan ever make this grievous mistake? Of course not. You know what Lyoto Machida looks like — and I’m fairly certain you know what Dan Henderson looks like. They have distinct looks. Heck, they’re from a different hemisphere of the planet.

Note to FOX Sports: We love you guys. Big thumbs up to you for featuring our Gilbert Melendez clips in your pre-fight package. We really enjoyed it. However, you must hire someone that knows MMA to run on-air graphics. This makes you look really stupid. We’re talking about an incredible amount of stupidity that can’t be accurately measured since science never predicted something this stupid would happen in the course of human history.

FOX Sports fail.

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