Former UFC & Bellator Fighter Bubba McDaniels Makes a Dumb Racist Joke on Twitter, Defends It

Remember Bubba McDaniel? He’s the guy who washed out of the UFC after The Ultimate Fighter: Jones/Sonnen. No recollection? Yeah, it wasn’t particularly noteworthy. Well, he is really proud of this dumb racist thing he tweeted out during UFC Austin.

A Jackson Wink representative being racist? Color me shocked. It’s becoming a signature attribute of the camp at this point.

I love that Bubba McDaniel was so stupidly proud of his “joke”that he decided to tag Dana White and the UFC. I bet the Zuffa boys are just ringing your phone off the hook. Who doesn’t want to re-sign a fight with this level of subtle, adult humor. What a fucking moron.

He followed this genius move by defending his comments to anyone with the good taste to call him out on being a complete dumbass. Extra points for his use of the “my black friend” defense. A strong, but predictable (and transparent) defense. Fucking MMA…

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