Former Power Ranger gets into a backstage fight at an MMA event

I was going to title this article ‘Green Power Ranger gets into altercation at the Legacy MMA show’, but that wouldn’t be completely true. Jason David Frank has actually been the white, black and red ranger. That’s the most colors of Power Ranger any one single cast member of the show has ever worn. Amazing. I just managed to waste more of your brain cells on some random useless trivia knowledge that you will probably never use again, unless of course you are going to a Power Ranger fan reunion dress-up party next week. Then that bit of knowledge I just invaded your brain with might help you hook up with pink or yellow ranger while you wear your Dragon Megazord costume.

There’s more Jason David Frank knowledge you can drop on the chicks dressed up as Pink Galaxy Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger. According to a recent story on, the former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger was involved in some backstage fisticuffs at the February 18 ‘Legacy MMA’ show in Houston, TX. Here’s a snippet from the site with both the Legacy employees comments on the altercation and JDF’s.

“Multiple sources told that words were exchanged between Frank and the worker in charge of collecting the gloves from the fighters after each fight. According to our sources, the Legacy employee was looking to get the gloves back from one of Franks fighters and after asking several times with no results, he told Frank “C’mon man, Jesus didn’t steal gloves.”

“It’s always a problem getting the gloves back from those guys. I guess he didn’t like my comment so he got in my face,” the 22 year old Legacy employee told via phone.

“I left to go walk the next fighters out and when I come back in, right when I entered the locker room he was right there in my face. He was about an inch away from me. He’s a big guy and I weigh about 150 pounds. I put my hand up in front of me and said, hey man your like twice my size.

As I looked away I saw his fist coming so I clinched up and then he popped me a few more times.”

According to the employee, one of the punches caused his tooth to pierce his lip and required several stitches. He also said that he filed a police report following the altercation.

Frank told via phone that the issue arose after one of his fighter’s gloves came up missing and he was accused of taking the gloves even though he didn’t have them. After words were exchanged between Frank and the employee, Frank said he warned the employee not to touch him several times.

“He bumped his chest out, put his hands on me and that’s when I defended myself,” Frank said of the altercation.

Now not only do you have lots of random knowledge about Power Ranger Jason David Frank, but you also know how to stay on a Power Ranger’s good side. Never touch them and never accuse them of stealing your gloves and definitely don’t bump your chest out at them. You are really going to be a hit with the ladies at the punch bowl at the Power Ranger party. Another little piece of advice for the guys, be careful when hitting on Yellow Rangers they weren’t always females, I mean unless of course you are open to trying out a ninja sword gold laser blaster on your astro axe. [Source]

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