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For James Krause, it’s 2 wins, 2 KOs and 52 seconds in the cage. Nice.


We’ve placed our logo proudly upon the shorts of James Krause in two separate fights and in turn, he’s only spent a combined total fifty-two seconds in the cage. Only MMA presents the conundrum of sponsoring a headkicking badass in fear of him winning too fast. I mean, at this rate James Krause is going to have to fight fifteen or twenty fights for us to get a good 10-15 minutes of exposure on AXSTV in the cage. But that’s cool, we don’t care. What really matters most is the win, and the fact that we are sponsoring a headkicking badass like James Krause. For the record, let’s list some other extremely rawesome people and things the MiddleEasy Monster™ has been emblazoned on or featured in: EA MMA (I would still be playing right now if the servers were online), Jason High, Melvin Manhoef, The White Anderson Silva, Conor Heun and many more that we can’t even remember (plus Supremacy MMA which I’m just ignoring…the blood effects were neat I guess).

It’s really cool to see videos like this one from the weekend. You have Layzie, cageside at Krause’s flawless victory, Krause celebrating and showing off the MiddleEasy logo, recognizing the nearly impossible to harness powers the Red Monster bestows anyone who wears it. Damn if we aren’t the coolest and the best.

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