Floyd Mayweather Sr: “I’ll Whoop Dana White’s A**” If Floyd Jr Takes UFC Fight

via @FloydJoyMayweatherSr on Instagram
via @FloydJoyMayweatherSr on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Sr Says Floyd Jr “Better Not Fight in MMA”

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has always been vocal in his son’s career. From the beginning, all the way up until retirement, Floyd Mayweather has always consulted with his dad when it came to his next move. That’s why Floyd Sr thinks it’s a little peculiar that he wasn’t aware of his son’s announcement of coming out of retirement to fight once again. Especially if “Money” Mayweather is planning on stepping inside of a UFC octagon. In that case, Sr made it clear that he would have some serious issues with UFC President Dana White.

Mayweather Sr spoke with FightHubTV. He made it known that as much as he and Floyd used to speak in the past, however, he wasn’t aware that his son was coming out of retirement. Alluding that he and his son don’t speak as often anymore, Mayweather Sr said the news was a big surprise.

Mayweather Sr Shuts Down Mayweather Jr MMA Ideas

Sr also made it clear that after his son fought Conor McGregor, that he should retire. After holding a flawless 50-0 record, his father was hoping that he would never fight again. He also made it clear that his son better not be thinking about fighting in the UFC. Even though last year, he predicted that Floyd would step into the UFC octagon.

“It ain’t the same man,” said Mayweather Sr. “You got things that Floyd can do.. a lot of other things he can do. They said he was getting into doing… what’s that thing called?” in reference to the UFC.

“It better not be MMA. Cause I’ll go right up there and whoop Dana’s a**,” said Floyd Sr. “I will. I gotta go up there and whoop the s*** out of him. Even though Floyd is a grown man, I’m gonna be the grown one to take over that,” finished Mayweather Sr.

Mayweather Sr Wants Floyd Jr to Stay Retired

Next, Mayweather Sr said that he would have to give his son a call in reference to the possibility of him competing in the UFC. In regards to a Manny Pacquiao or Canelo rematch, Mayweather Sr said that he needs to “take charge and be the boss” for those bouts.

In closing, Mayweather Sr stated that he simply doesn’t understand why his son would want to come out of retirement. After all, he has enough money to do whatever he wants to do in life.

Hopefully, Mayweather picks up the phone when his father calls. Floyd senior has threatened to whoop a** before when it comes to the UFC.

Dana White, beware.


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