Floyd Mayweather Sr. On Conor McGregor: “I’d Whoop His A**”

via @floydmayweather sr & @thenotoriousmma instagram
via @floydmayweather sr & @thenotoriousmma instagram

Don’t Mess With The Mayweathers

While Conor McGregor admitted to making a huge mistake punching an elderly man at a pub in Dublin, he should count his lucky stars that the opponent he chose wasn’t someone else. Especially an elderly man like Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Once again, TMZ finds themselves in the midst of catching up with combat sports legends and bringing them up to speed about current news. Recently they caught up with Floyd Mayweather Sr. The Mayweather family shared an iconic moment with McGregor when Floyd took on Conor in an MMA/boxing crossover event for the ages. So, it’s only right that TMZ would ask Mayweather Sr how he felt about the McGregor ordeal.

Mayweather expressed to TMZ how he felt if Conor were to pull a move like that on him.

Mayweather Sr. Reacts to McGregor

“I’d beat the s**t out of Conor (McGregor),” said Mayweather Sr.“I would beat the s**t out of Conor right now. I’m double his age and I’d whoop his ass.”

Mayweather Sr then began to show TMZ and the crowd surrounding them his hand speed. He threw numerous combinations that included quick jabs and powerful uppercuts. Mayweather could be heard saying “You don’t want none of this” in reference to if Conor tried to hit him.

Hopefully, McGregor Stays On Course

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on ESPN, McGregor spoke passionately about righting his wrongs. He also admitted that one of the biggest changes he needs to make his not taking the bait when he is on the correct path.

As of now, McGregor said that he is on the right path to be focused and become respected once again. A test to see if McGregor can ignore the bait is to see if he reacts to the comments made by Floyd Mayweather Sr. Let’s see what happens.

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