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Five Videos That Prove MMA Needs Tito Ortiz

Five Videos That Prove MMA Needs Tito Ortiz

Call it nostalgia, call it selective memory, call it CTE, but we here at Middle Easy have been feeling like something is lacking in MMA today. We aren’t quite sure what, but there is definitely a void left unfulfilled.

And then we stubbled upon this gem of a video shared by Reddit MMA user ChronicxCough and we realized exactly what it is.


Since Tito Ortiz left the sport a year ago this past week, the sport has not been the same.

No one has been quite able to sustain the level of shocking stupidity that Titio Ortiz maintained throughout his career. He was without a doubt the Village Idiot of the MMA landscape. I miss nothing more than watching him speak. 2014 remains Bellator’s greatest year ever in no small part because of Tito Ortiz saying laugh out loud dumb shit.

So, in honor of the one year anniversary of “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” leaving our sport, I bring you five videos of Tito Ortiz being Tito Ortiz. Enjoy the dull-witted verbal stylings of “The People’s Champion”.

1.) Tito Ortiz Crushes a Juice Box in a “Presidential Debate” with Chael Sonnen


2.) Tito Ortiz Interviews Babalu and Reinvents English


3.) Tito Ortiz Got a Bulging Disk in C67 and Fought with a Cracked Skull


4.) Tito Ortiz Denies Getting Knocked Out by Lee Murray and Claims His Jail Sentence is Karma


5.) In Tito Ortiz’s Finest Moment, He Wears a “Dana is My Bitch” T-Shirt


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