Highlights: Five Things That Made EFN 50 The Craziest Card of the Damn Year

If you were working a normal job yesterday or perhaps had better things to do, you may have missed the fever dream that was Eurasia Fight Night 50. From top to bottom, EFN 50 was like watching MMA on a bad mushroom trip that actually tuned out incredibly rad. Complete with an orchestra, singing angels, Fedor coming back from death and the best play-by-play guy we’ve ever heard, it’s something you have to see. That’s where we come in, here are some of our top five moments.

The Mirror Man Cirque du Soleil Performance

Imagine you’e a couple of exciting fights in to an MMA card and all of the sudden this happens. Is this a deleted scene from the dark fairy tale of Pan’s Labyrinth? Is the mirror mage putting a hex on Fabio Maldonado? Either way, it was at this point everyone knew EFN 50 was going to be a card like no other.

A Zany and Brutally Honest Commentary Guy

So vivid! Nearly fantastic! Excellent! I’m Sorry! His name is Roman Mazyrov and he’s the best commentator you’ve never heard of. He gave us around 100 new phrases, pretty much said Fedor winning is bullshit and implied foul play. In one bout, he ignored the last round entirely and macked on a chick. Do you like Vodka? And will you be at the after party? …That’s not me being funny, that’s an actual quote.

Here Comes A Knee From Hell

Oh yeah, the fights were crazy too. Take a look at this uberknee from Jack McGann to Abdula Dadaev’s dome piece. If that wasn’t bad enough, Dadaev took a pretty sick hook before crumpling again. Well, and even more before the ref stepped in but we’ll get to that later. This was the fourth fight in a row that ended in the first round. Only four fights would go the distance, everything else was all stoppages.

Enter the Giant Spider Lady

Go ahead, grab a cold beer and a sandwich during intermission, you won’t miss anything. …Besides a spider woman hanging from the ceiling singing Christina Aguilera! This card is absolutely nuts. This event is like a good movie that you can watch back and find new things. Personally, I’m thinking about getting reminder tattoos all over my body like that dude in Memento but all based on things that happening at EFN 50.

The Most Cold-blooded Referees in the World

I don’t know if they were instructed to do this, or if these Russian refs had been keeping up with all the “early stoppage” backlash on Twitter, but they certainly decided that wasn’t going to be an issue. These officials said, look, they’ve spent all this money on violins and costumes so we better give them insane fights. I swear, in one of the fights I heard the ref growl, “finish him!” but I don’t speak Russian.

If you want another example of the incredible reffing, watch the full Fedor fight once again below.

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