SCFL 1.13.18: Funeral For a Mustache, Bike Lies Bleeding

SuperChat Pro Wrestling continues to be plagued by the nefarious Alt-Right Connection. Last week, Ichabod Adams interfered in the main event between Gyro Supreme and Bike Bianchi. As SuperChat went off the air, Ichabod appeared to take out a razor and shave off Bike Bianchi’s treasured mustache.

Now, Super Chat Pro presents Funeral For A Mustache, airing live at 1:30 AM ET on Sunday morning, available exclusively at . It’s a stacked card, featuring five titles on the line. The Scramble Title opens things off, as Front Reed, tragic victim of an explosion that claimed his nipples, defends the belt that nobody has been able to hold on to from one week to the next. Perpetual early bird Eosinophil Rossi will look to regain the belt, as he joins the likes of Captain White, Ricky Robinson, and Baby Hayes, among others in that opening contest.

Fresh off perhaps his first ever combat sports victory, a knockout win in a kickboxing match, Kelly Kelley will be taking on the exceedingly Canadian, Credit Lewis, in singles action. Squeamish fans will want to avert their eyes, as the Missouris, Maximo and Maniac will be taking on the decidedly not hardcore tandem of Until Robert and Both Ferrari in a hardcore tag team match. The Missouris are putting up their glossy 8×10 picture of The Public Enemy on the line, and they are not going to want to give that up easily.

The Dot TV title used to be impossible to take off of Offers Thompson’s waist, However, since he lost the belt, it’s been passed around seemingly every show. New champ, Nightsbane KVLT will be defending against Spencer Morgan, who was never defeated to lose his claim to the title, Morgan, unfortunately, was unable to get time off work from Men’s Warehouse last week to defend the Dot TV title, so he was forced to relinquish the belt. He’s now banked some vacation days and is looking to take back his belt.

Brutality returns, as Technology Cooper is putting the hardcore title on the line against former champ, Zoning Zhang. Nobody’s sure if these men will be forced to wrestle on an inhumane surface like parquet flooring or a discarded brick wall, but that’s been the norm for quite a few hardcore title matches.

The S1 division has brought a lot of action, a lot of knockouts, and a fair amount of hugs as well. A four-man tournament is on deck, featuring Foundation Russo, Kurt King, Wim Nijman, and Wigwamm Watanabe.

The co-main event is going to be a trios match, with the title on the line, as Gyro Supreme, Sanders Suzuki, and our lord and savior, CHEESEST, take on Ratt Middle, Gorvis Rogers, and Rastaban Baptiste, otherwise known as the Sons of Anger.

The main event is another battle in the Bianchi and Alt-Right blood feud, as Boxing and Sledding Bianchi will take on Ichadod Adams and Piotr Petrov.

We’ll be LIVE on Twitch at 1:30am eastern/10:30pm Pacific.

Here’s the full card:

Opening Scramble Championship: Front Reed(C) vs. Captain White, October Schmidt, Gordon Garabaldi, Eosinophil Rossi, Ricky Robinson, Turgid Delmonico, Baby Hayes
American Wright vs. Garden Greene
Kelly Kelley vs. Credit Lewis
Raoul Hernandez vs. Bradford Culpepper
Hardcore Tag Championship: Maximo Missouri/Maniac Missouri vs. Until Robert/Both Ferrari
Dot TV Championship: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) vs. Spencer Morgan
Tag Bout: Tapas Tiempo/Fortran COBOL vs. Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner
Hardcore Championship: Technology Cooper(C) vs. Zoning Zhang
S-1 Contender Tournament: Foundation Russo vs. Kurt King
S-1 Contender Tournament: Wim Nijman vs. Wigwamm Watanabe
S-1 Finals: X vs. X
Trios Championship: Ratt/Gorvis/Rastaban vs. Gyro/Cheesest/Sanders
Grudge Match: Boxing Bianchi/Sledding Bianchi vs. Ichabod Adams/Piotr Petrov

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