SCFL Pro 1.29.18: The Battle Royale To End All Rumbles

Just twenty-four hours after one of the most well-received nights in SCFL, the Beliribbun Civic Arena has been rented out again for the epic “Rumble Somewhere Near Des Moines”. Live, at, beginning at 1:30 AM ET, we’re is back with a spectacular crop of matches.

Six men have held the Scramble Title, which is actually a frying pan. That championship is on the line, with the current pan-holder, Eosinophil Rossi, and the five previous champs will vie for Scramble supremacy, but there will be two wild cards thrown into the mix. There are two Battle Royal qualifiers, with the winners going on to the Scramble championship match.

There are also several tag team bouts from last night that have been split up into their component parts. Spencer Morgan of Team SUITS looks to defend the honor and broken arm of his partner, Raoul Hernandez, as he takes on DSA member, America Wright. Then, the LOST Boys and High Seas, who went to a quadruple knockout draw in their Hardcore Tag title match will have a pair of Light tube Death Matches. Captain White faces Until Robert, while Algorithm Schneider takes on Both Ferrari.

As “Rumble Somewhere Near Des Moines” is a SCFL event broadcast live, the Dot TV title is on the line. Current champ, Nightsbane KVLT, fresh off a time limit draw title retention, will defend the belt against DuBois, who defeated Garden and Gene Greene in a bizarre triple threat tag team turmoil match that was supposed to create new number one contenders for the tag team titles, but just left three men very angry at each other.

In a weird occurrence, Super Chat had some post-lims after the scheduled main event finished. One of those was a Cage Death match, with hardcore champ Technology Cooper defending against the returning murderer, Alex Thompson. Thompson made short work of Cooper, winning the belt. Now he’s defending against Zoning Zhang in an Exploding Ring death match.

In the main event, current S-1 kickboxing ruleset champ, Choochai TrainMTGym faces off against Boxing Bianchi.

Rumble Qualifier: Brick Roberts vs. Dougie Middle vs. Baby Hayes vs. Freddy Fischer vs. Fun Adams vs. Let Liu vs. Mike Miller vs. Ricky
America Wright vs. Spencer Morgan
Exploding Lighttube Deathmatch: Captain White vs. Until Robert
Rumble Qualifier: Ron Lewis vs. Especially Esposito vs. Gordon Garabaldi vs. Vector Wang vs. Zoroastriani Brown vs. Xylophonist Bianchi vs. Wat Pyman vs. Earl Vontrell
Exploding Lighttube Deathmatch: Algorithm Schneider vs. Both Ferrari
Dot TV Title: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) vs. Dubois
Chuckie Murphy/Meete Mein vs. Baby Hayes/Karate Hendrix
Time Bomb Deathmatch: Alex Thompson(C) vs. Zoning Zhang
Scramble Championship RUMBLE SOMEWHERE NEAR DES MOINES: Eosinophil Rossi(C) vs. Immediately Ito vs. Front Reed vs. Weather Walker vs. Rastaban Baptiste vs. Kurt King
Choochai TrainMTGym vs. Boxing Bianchi

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