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Finally, the fight we’ve all been waiting for: Bobby Lashley vs. Michael Bisping

I used to tell my old THC-aficionado roommate that ‘Hollywood was created to make us believe the rest of the world is real’. He would promptly say ‘dude, that’s deep’ and then stare at Winamp’s Milkdrop for the next two hours insisting that ‘it all means something’. College is everyone’s time to experiment with whatever comes your way, just ask Joe Rogan. So it’s no surprise that in an imaginary universe, Michael Bisping could effortlessly defeat Bobby Lashley inside the cage. At least he does in the upcoming ‘Beatdown’ movie. Check out this clip of Bisping and Lashley throwing each other around the cage like they were getting handsomely paid for it. [Source]

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