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Finally, an actual news report about Ken Shamrock being 50 Cent’s bodyguard

Finally, an actual news report about Ken Shamrock being 50 Cent’s bodyguard

At one point in MMA’s timeline, Ken Shamrock held the title of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’. I’m not sure if he still does, but he used to. Maybe it’s like once you become the President of the United States, you’re always the president. The last time we talked to Don Frye, he told us he would be happy to give Ken Shamrock a rematch and it’s safe to say that Shamrock would happily accept. Let’s face it, Don Frye called him out over ten years ago by accusing Ken Shamrock of cheating on his wife with a 19-year-old fan. That’s a hell of a way to pick a fight, and it worked. In Pride 19, Shamrock had Frye in an insane heel hook that destroyed ligaments and severely injured both of Frye’s ankles in the process. Despite the damage, Frye refused to tap and eventually won the split-decision. Ken Shamrock is the guy that ruined Don Frye’s career and arguably the person responsible for the collapse of Elite XC (sorry Seth Petruzelli).

Looking back on Shamrock’s career, it’s pretty sad people don’t mention his name when talking about the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. The guy was the first non-Japanese to infiltrate Japan and methodically slay legends. It would be like Chris Weidman defeating Anderson Silva twice — but doing it in Brazil.

Regardless of Ken Shamrock’s status in the history of MMA, he’s 50 Cent’s official bodyguard now, and it’s about time The (real) Baddest Man on the Planet gets a news report in his honor. Check it out.

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