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Fighters rush to show support for new 165 lb division, so why won’t the UFC create it?

Fighters rush to show support for new 165 lb division, so why won’t the UFC create it?

Feed the shark tank. Since the day the UFC adopted 155 and 170 pound titles these two divisions have been stacked. The time is right for a new UFC 165 lb division.

Feed the beast UFC. Last night (Sept. 25) Nate Diaz shook up the MMA world with a single tweet. We’ve heard rumors for weeks about the UFC wanting to add more titles but it sounded better coming from a Diaz.

A new UFC 165 lb division? Sure why not.

There was a time where the UFC maybe held two cards a month and they didn’t need any extra titles. That time is long gone. We’re moving to a reality where the UFC holds a card every week or if not, they still are inching closer to 50 cards a year.

How much pizza is too much pizza? Can you ever really have too much money? An UFC card every week? (Fight) God no. But if the UFC wants to and ESPN nudges them towards more events in 2019, and moving forward, they are going to need more titles.

It’s a cheap gimmick but ten pounds of gold does add more shine to an ordinary fight.

Nate Diaz versus Dustin Poirier? How about Nate Diaz versus Dustin Poirier, but for a title?

To the surprise of no one, fighters rushed out to support the mere thought of a new UFC title to chase.

If it’s good for the fighter’s bottom line and maybe in a roundabout way promotes less extreme weight cuts, then may be we can all be on board with more new belts.

So what gives UFC? This feels like a situation where the UFC wants to make the announcement on their terms, perhaps during UFC 229 fight week?

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