(Video) Turkish MMA Fighters Save Old Lady From Gunshot Terrorism Attack

Two Turkish MMA fighters and a McDonalds manager saved an old lady from being the subject of a suspected terrorism attack in Vienna.

Photos of protectors against terrorism via Twitter
Photos of protectors against terrorism via Twitter

Two Turkish MMA fighters are heroes after saving both an old lady and a police officer from terrorism attacks. The attack took place in Vienna and involved guns. Luckily, the MMA fighters, as well as a Palestinian McDonalds manager were willing to risk it all to save the lady. 

Footage of Suspected Terrorism Attack

Mikail Ozen and Recep Gultekin are MMA fighters who both live and train in the city of Vienna. Osama Abu El-Hosna, a McDonald’s manager was heading to work when he suddenly heard several gunshots

“The terrorist was 20 metres away from me,” said El-Hosna.

“We pulled the injured officer aside. I immediately looked for the wound and tried to stop the bleeding with my hand. That did not help. So, I took off my jumper and tried to stop the bleeding with that instead. After 15 minutes the ambulance came.

“The assassin was still nearby. I went to the ambulance, but they were all in shock, they couldn’t move. So I went back to the policeman. I was in shock myself and don’t remember who was standing next to me. But all of a sudden two young men came and helped to bring the wounded to safety.”

Mikail Ozen (1-2) fought Aleksandar Janković at Vendeta 12 and suffered a defeat via choke in the first round in Vienna back in 2017. Also, Recep Gultekin did not make his debut inside the Octagon but had an amateur MMA career.

A Badge of Honor

While the rescue mission was extremely unsafe, both MMA fighters said that they would do it all over again if they had to. Especially when it comes to the safety of civilians. 

“We Muslims of Turkish origin condemn any kind of terror. And we live in Austria; we are Austrian citizens. And, we  are not interested in any other politics outside the country. We have done what was necessary. We are pleased that we were able to save the police officer and that he is still alive,” said Özen.

According to several reports floating around social media, the attacks were linked to terrorism. However, nothing is clear at the moment as the story unfolds. Especially in the world of MMA.

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