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Video: Fighters pick UFC 229, most go with Khabib except Mike Perry

Video: Fighters pick UFC 229, most go with Khabib except Mike Perry

We don’t know why but we want to believe him. Mike Perry is the realist tout in the MMA prediction game and sorry Khabib, he’s not going with you.

Let the record show from this day forward all Mike Perry interviews must be conducted live from a hot tub of his choosing.

Sometimes you stare at the sun long enough and your eyes begin to burn. Well, sometimes you listen to Platinum Perry talk long enough and things just kind of make sense. We want to here the audio book version of Atlas Shrugged but read by Platinum.

“Who the hell is this John Galt dude?” *said Perry, abandoning the written word in favor of his own audio commentary.*

Until Perry gets more acting or reading gigs outside the cage, we’ll just have to watch him in this UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov pro picks video.

UFC 229 is just ten days away and the hype is really getting to us. So much so, that we are actually interested in what other fighters think of maybe the biggest fight in UFC history. Thanks to our friends over at MMA Interviews that video exists and its embedded below.

The consensus? Fighters like Khabib over Conor. Mac’s inactivity and grappling disadvantages push most fighters towards placing their bet on Nurmagomedov. When in doubt, go with the fighter who can take the fight wherever they want to go.

The ground is Khabib’s world and Conor hasn’t really ever faced a wrestler like him before. Don’t worry Mystic Mac fans, Mike Perry is on your side and he has his reasons, that we think make sense but aren’t sure after watching him speak with our mouths just wide open for a solid 60 seconds.

Thanks Platinum.

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