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Fighter Was Unconscious, But Referee Allowed Extra 90 Seconds Of Choking!

Fighter Was Unconscious, But Referee Allowed Extra 90 Seconds Of Choking!

This Is One Of The Biggest Referee Mistakes In The History Of MMA!


Referee mistakes are an integral part of MMA. But when it comes to life-threatening situations, the ref is the one who decides about possible health consequences and even death. You can be the best fighter in the world but when you’re done the third man needs to step in.

The Demolidor Fight MMA 13 fight between Melziquiel Conceição (Melk) and Rafael Barbosa will be remembered forever. Unfortunately, it is a school example of a bad referee who could kill a fighter with his late call!

Melk tried to push Rafael Barbosa against the cage. After Barbosa defended with a standing guillotine choke, both fighters went to the ground. Rafael Barbosa dropped guard and made a transition to an anaconda choke. His opponent was still fighting for the position but after Rafael Barbosa secured the chokehold from the side, Melk passed out.

Melk stopped resisting while Rafael Barbosa was increasing the pressure on his neck. But the referee didn’t even touch his hand or ask for a signal! Was he even thinking that the fighter could die in front of his eyes? After 90 seconds of agony, he finally stopped the fight!

Luckily, the fighter was taken to the hospital right away and he is fine. He has only complained that he is unable to breathe properly.

Big John McCarthy was particularly angry due to this situation.

We wish Melziquiel Conceição quick recovery. Let’s hope this referee will never step inside the octagon again. Life is the only thing that cannot be compensated! Dan Miragliotta would never allow this for sure!

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