Video: Fighter Dislocates Shoulder and Opponent Fixes It So They Can Keep Fighting

Ok so, in an event evidently called “Mannheimer Hafenkeilerei”, Arkadiusz Wroblewski dislocated his shoulder just as the fight started. Say THAT 5-times fast. Anyway, normally that’d be it. In the UFC, the doctors would come in, the ref would wave off the fight, yeah, ok, maybe after that person got punched about 45 times depending on the referee, but you get it.

Not here. Not in Germany. When a very sad Wroblewski wobbled his shoulder out of place, his opponent Paata Tschapelia walked over and jerked it back in its rightful home. With his arm all lined up, they were free to beat the shit out of each other. MMA is awesome. Foreign MMA is sometimes even more awesome. Never forget.

Check this out.

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