Fight Nights Russia had the best drumming sequence in MMA since Dream 16

If you ever wondered what happened to whacky MMA events in which dancing logos break up the monotony of organized violence, look no further than Fight Nights Russia. Yesterday people in the know watched one of the strangest MMA events in years, and we got some of the best drumming sequences in MMA since Silva/Vera and Dream 16.


If anyone at Bellator knows what’s up, they need to get some drummers in ceremonial costumes immediately. There’s not even any sound and this is better than Facing the pain. But then, no audio is exactly what you want to hear when it comes time to end that suffering.

Let’s throw that Dream 16 opening ceremony in here.

Fun fact: Fight Nights 17: Battle of Moscow is actually the fifteenth battle of Moscow, while Fight Nights Russia has traveled to other cities to have battles on their grounds. Some real Metal Gear Solid logic going on there.

Thanks to Caposa for the .gif and the heads up!

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