Tony Ferguson Says Michael Chandler Has Accepted Another Fight, Chandler Responds

Ferguson is looking to compete against Chandler on the UFC 256 pay-per-view event on December 12.

Ferguson Chandler
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There appears to be some drama involved in getting a Tony Ferguson vs. Michael Chandler fight to take place.

Chandler had been campaigning for a fight with Ferguson for weeks with the latter finally being receptive to the idea as he called for a clash at the UFC 256 pay-per-view event which takes place December 12.

However, Chandler preferred a January date as he stated there was a zero percent chance of him facing Ferguson in December.

“There is a zero percent chance I’ll fight Tony in December… Tony, you had the opportunity to fight me in October and you said no. You didn’t even bring up fighting in December until it was way past the 11th hour. Let’s be realistic and sign up for Jan. 23.”

Ferguson: Accept Or We Move On

However, Chandler has already accepted another fight according to Ferguson who called him out on Tuesday night. “El Cucuy” added that if Chandler doesn’t accept the fight for December 12, he would move on.

“UFC has said you have already accepted Another Fight ese! So @MikeChandlerMMA stop crying to @espnmma about fighting me. You want to compete against me I’ll be in Vegas Dec 12. Accept or we move on. -Champ Shit Only™️ kid ⚔️🕶 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽 F’kn #AmateurHour # BeGon’Thot”

Chandler replied on Wednesday afternoon as while he didn’t respond to Ferguson’s claims of him accepting another fight, he did reiterate his desire for a fight in January.

“Still open for a scrap in January…see you there.”

While it would be best for all if we got to see Ferguson vs. Chandler as early as possible, having it as a co-main event to Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 is also appealing and would see both fighters double as backup for the main event should any fighter pull out.

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