Felice Herrig celebrates her new merit based way of marketing herself with series of shower pics

Felice Herrig is a genius. Herrig is on a three fight win streak in the UFC and is on the front lines of the “girl power over sex sells” type of fight promotion.

Yes, the same Felice Herrig who in part used her good looks and charm to promote herself, recently did a 180 on the whole “fans like watching hot chicks fight” gimmick.

After Herrig’s most recent over Justine Kish, the 32-year-old strawweight expounded on her theories with MMAJunkie.

“I get promoted when it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s a hot girl fight.,’” Herrig said. “But I’m not the one they’re promoting. They’re promoting my opponent. I feel like I’m a stepping stone. I’m getting put on the main card every time, so obviously I’m some kind of draw. But, unfortunately, I’m fighting opponents who they’re trying to pump up and build.”

Herrig continued

“Obviously it was a draw. People knew it was gong to be a great fight, because look where it was on the card,” Herrig said. “It was on the main card right before the main event. It got zero marketing behind it, zero pulse, zero attention, zero promotion. Why? Because it wasn’t a hot girl fight?”

And continued

“this is not about beauty, and it’s not about looks. It’s about all the fighters who are getting overlooked who are very talented. If they even had just a little bit of push from the big machine, not even about their looks, just a little chance to shine, and to be put on the mainstream stage. That’s what it’s about.”

Just when you thought Herrig was zigging when everyone else in MMA is zagging, she drops a series of photos of her in and out of the shower to promote her next fight with Courtney Casey at UFC 218. Felice Herrig just tapped the MMA World on it’s shoulder then booped their nose the moment they turned around.


And so the cycle of never ending showers continues 📸- @michellethemachine

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