Fedor says he ‘could have’ won his last three bouts, but it was ‘God’s will’ for him to lose

God has to be the most biased, bandwagon jumping MMA coach in history. What kind of trainer is this guy? When he’s with you, you’re seemingly invincible, but when that moment comes when there’s a younger talent that hits the scene, he’s out the door. Right now, God is obviously a fanboy of Jon Bones Jones. Since he abandoned Fedor last year, The Last Emperor has racked up three consecutive losses after having one of the longest winning streaks in MMA history. Now in a statement Fedor made to RT.com, it appears that he could have defeated Werdum, Bigfoot and Hendo — but God just didn’t want him to.

“In the three bouts I lost, I felt like I could’ve won. But the win somehow eluded me. I felt I could do it. I had chances, but God’s will was different.”

Let me give you guy’s a brief introduction on the conundrum of ‘God’s will.’ If the universe operated on the will of God and not the free will of humanity, then a person can’t be responsible for their actions. Why should they? They didn’t have a chance to decide what they wanted to do, God made the decision for them. So if we all were under God’s will, then the current judicial system would be nullified. I mean, how can you convict a person for murdering an entire family when it was God’s will from the beginning? Marinate on that, then come back tomorrow with a five-paragraph essay on the subject, double-spaced. [Source]

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