Video: Fedor is Back in the Sweater of the Gods to Fight Matt Mitrione in Bellator

What’s Fedor doing out here!? He signed a multi-fight agreement with Eurasia Fight Nights?! Wait, with Rizin, wait, ah the hell with it! Fedor straight up walked out in Bellator to be Matt Mitrione’s “mystery opponent” like Scott Hall appearing in WCW. That is, if Hall was a jolly Sambo warrior, MMA legend and owned the most magical and powerful sweater collection on the entire damn planet. JUST LOOK!

Ok, let’s all calm down. Mitrione is probably going to knock out Fedor in the first round and there are no Russian judges and officials and paratroopers to save him. But who knows? Fedor gon’ Fedor. He could still decapitate the former UFC fighter and go on to be Bellator Heavyweight champion. ..Considering they don’t have one yet after Vitaly Minakov was stripped.

Watch the full video below and reminisce about the good ol’ days where Fedor was an invincible and humble smashing machine fueled by ice cream and warmed by argyle!

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