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Video: Is this fan picking his nose on camera at UFC Phoenix a hero?

Video: Is this fan picking his nose on camera at UFC Phoenix a hero?

We feel bad we almost missed this. It’s Wednesday and we’re still watching this UFC fan pick his nose at UFC Phoenix.

UFC Phoenix was confusing event for those humans appreciate a routine.

Our UFC card was on a Sunday night. Whoa.

This UFC event was on a new channel. Hold up.

Then to top it all off in the United States it was a three day weekend for some due to President’s Day. Who takes a vacation day or gets the day off on President’s Day anyway? Not sure, but UFC Phoenix would have been a good day to show up late or just call in fake sick.

You know who did show up on time and give 100% effort? This UFC fan picking his nose live on ESPN.

MMA fans going full MMA fan on UFC’s first ever event broadcast on ESPN.

He’s not Just Bleed Guy. He’s probably not even the son of Just Bleed Guy, but he deserves some kind of credit or scorn from the MMA community.

We could really go either way on this one. On one hand he’s really committed to the gimmick. Not only does he pick his nose, he then gains some form of superpowers from his own boogers?

Okay then.

Not happy with a single deep nose dive, our dude goes back a second time then eats or pretends to eat it. Wow. Then he wipes it on his buddy while dancing?

How did Megan Olivi power through her report without giving our guy a glance? Performance of the night bonuses to all involved.

On second thought….yeah, this guy is nowhere near the level of D**k Twist Guy. There are levels to this MMA fandom game.

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